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Treadmill Repairs with Zero Emissions.
0800 002 9913

If you struggle to get through on our freephone number then please try to message on WhatsApp on 07899 395851
Welcome to Treadmill Repairs. We were the first treadmill repair company to use an EV vehicle for our repairs. Here you will find information on what we do and how you can book an appointment for all your treadmill repairs. Please note that we will need to know the make and the model of the treadmill that needs repairing or servicing and an accurate description of the problem if you need a treadmill repair. We often find that some customers explain things differently to the actual fault. We literally have to take every word you use and try and diagnose the fault so, choosing the correct words will help massively when describing your fault.
We are one of the most experienced treadmill repair companies in the UK with over 10 years in the business and all repairs are carried out by an expert technician in and around the UK. We do cover a large area of the UK subject to a Call Out fee which gets us to your premises to run a diagnosis. We are very competitive with our pricing and very transparent. We are not registered for vat, so there's no extra surprises on our Call Out fees or prices. Please check our 
Areas page for the areas we cover.

If you are searching for treadmill repairs near me then please note that we may not necessarily be near you but we will cover your area.
The repair cost will depend on the fault and an accurate description of the fault would provide us with an idea of the fault and repair cost of your fitness equipment. We cannot guarantee that we can diagnose all faults over the phone and anybody who claims this and charge for this will more than likely diagnose the incorrect fault. Sometimes, we physically have test certain parts that cannot be done so over the phone.

Some of the faults on treadmills can however be diagnosed over the telephone after a few simple questions but on occasions as we have stressed, sometimes it may have to involve a Call Out.
Our treadmill repair Call Out fee varies on your location in the UK however, you will still find us extremely competitive compared to other treadmill repair companies. Some areas would not be financially viable such as Scotland or Cornwall for example as the Call Out fee to these areas for a treadmill repair would be far too excessive. If you click on our 
Areas page this will give you an idea.
Many problems are caused by lack of maintenance, incorrect maintenance or by having the treadmill in the wrong choice of location. It is generally not recommended that they are kept in a cold room or a room with moisture inside it especially during the winter months. This can lead to many many problems with all the parts in your treadmill. Please remember, moisture and electrics don't work efficiently together.
For more information either call us on our Freephone number 
0800 002 9913 or click on our Contact page above and complete our online form with all the information requested. Please ensure you complete the form as we will find it very difficult to help you if you don't provide this information.